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The Grading Scheme

Challenge is a hard item to grade. After all, what’s challenging to me might be a cake walk for you. Further, if I work really hard – spend hours – on a project, especially a creative project, it might be considered a piece of junk compared to yours that you’ve put together in an hour.

Unless you ask my mother, then obviously mine is just as good as yours.

When faced with the industrial task of grading somebody, we must make a scale; there must be some sort of scheme we can use to compare quality. Past experiences, popular expectations, text book results all tell us how to scale and what to expect.

How on earth can your or I grade an inner feeling of quality? Why don’t we work in colors, giving creators a color grade on what they’ve done.

Oh, I really enjoy this, quite a bit. I like how the swirls there are evident. I’m giving this one a Purple.

The common scale, once we escape the schooling system, is a monetary scale. “I like this, I’m going to pay more for this.” Or alternatively: “This cheap thing broke on me, I wouldn’t spend a dime on it.”

It’s important to be aware of how we’re grading the world; how we’re grading people, efforts, quality, influence, habits, culture, accuracy, etc. can have drastic effects on the future development of the world, and our interactions with it.

What have you graded today?

Good Posture


Posture is very often overlooked by so many people and left uncared for, it can cause severe long term health problems, which are no good.

Bad posture happens in the form of bent back, improperly holding arms at the computer desk, slouches, or movement that isn’t normal.

It can even come in the form of how you walk down the street.

Like all habits, any can be broken. When people wear braces, it’s not because if they don’t their body will fall apart at the seams, but it’s because if they don’t they will revert back to the old posture and essentially eliminate any corrections that they did undergo.

So, to take this further, you can change your posture with some long term attention to your habits.


When your sitting down, remember to check if your back is straight. Is your head always looking down?

I was just talking the other day with my father about this, and he mentioned how he had read a study on kids, young kids aged around 12 years old, who were going into the Dr. complaining about upper back pain, and the result was that they were looking down all the time at their phone because they were txt’ing all the time.

It is important to remember proper posture at all times. This includes sitting at your desk, walking down the street, and any exercise of any shape and type.

Are there other times when you should be conscious of this?