Stay positive. It takes a life time to achieve the things you’re looking to achieve. This road your going down is not a temporary change of mind, this is a life altering mindset that is going to change your whole outlook on life.

Be prepared to make some drastic changes to the way that you live, but always believe that it’s for the better.

Do not get discouraged when after a week you don’t see any major changes. Some changes will be so slow that you hardly notice them until one day you wake up and look at the goals you had set a few months ago and realize that hey, I am on this track now.

Even if you’ve fallen off the track, today is a new day, get right back on that track. You can never give up in this quest.

This is your life.

As long as you’re alive, every second of the day is a new opportunity to become what you want to become.


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