Organic Food

Organic food has its perks and pitfalls, each weigh their own and differently to the individual.

For me, myself, I only buy specific food organic, and mostly try and support local growers, rather than organic growers.

What organic claims is that the food is grown pesticides and only natural fertilizers which increases the nutrient content of the food and reduces the chemicals that we humans are ingesting.

Organic food also doesn’t use genetically modified organisms (gmo), that will give us our larger than natural vegetables that we sometimes see in the stores.

This revolution is also known as the Green Revolution, which is also an attempt to separate ones life from plastics, or synthetic compounds that we now have infiltrating so much of our lives.

A great way to go organic, is to create your own garden! This way, you are absolutely certain of what will be in your vegetables because you fed it to them, and can make sure that no pesticides or even fertilizers will be used that you don’t want.

This also helps prevent being tricked by greenwashing, which is what nearly all the companies that sell items in any store are doing.

Company TerraChoice does yearly studies on grocery stores that they walk into and put green marketed products through their tests to see if they really are green. Over the years, the number has gone from less than 1% pass, to about 4% that now pass this test.

So, keep in mind that you may be being mislead with actual products that claim to be organic, or green.

To me the best bet is to grow your own vegetables and fruits, and this way you know it’s 100% organic. For the rest, buy local!4.2.7

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