If a mission statement has been written, the goals are known.

Stay focused on your goals. You know what you want; you know where you want to be, keep this always in your mind.

At the end of the week, review the goals that you set down for yourself. Take some time then to think about what has got in your way to slow you down in reaching your goals.

Are you spending too much time socializing with friends?

Do you find that it’s always with certain people that you slip back into your old habits that you’re trying to rid yourself of?

Do you always tell yourself that your too tired today, and tomorrow you will start?

Do you spend too much time preparing everything, writing down your goals and never achieving them?

Think now about what you can do to correct these issues. Make easier goals that you’ll be able to achieve and cross off your list, feel that sense of accomplishment and make it worth your while to continually push yourself to the limits of what you feel you can achieve.

This is the essence of being an effective person. You need to continually impress yourself with new personal bests that make you feel proud and motivated to do more. Don’t let anything ruin your dream for you.

When you learn more about what you want, you can always change your focus to a slightly more directed area, but always keep motivated and pushing yourself to become better, learn more, and have as much fun as you can!

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