How do you stay focused? Seriously, sit down at a computer and monitor what you do first.

Today, this is how it went.

  • Log on.
  • Open up firefox.
  • Log on to class website, and open up lecture slides.
  • Read the first few slides.
  • Open wordpress, comment on a few freshly pressed.
  • Open hootsuite to see what the twitter crew is doing.
  • Read a few more slides.
  • See what twitter friends are up to.
  • Open tumblr to follow a few new friends tumblr’s.
  • Start writing this post.

I don’ t think this is productive, is it?

It’s turning into summer time, and that means long grass, bare skin, sunny days, and photography opportunities galore! Nice blue skies and beaches! But it makes me think about how I’m spending my time, which is a usual worry for me.

Many people have been telling me that I worry too much, or think too much. I usually embrace the fact that I can think, and enjoy this facility as a human being, but sometimes going with the flow is a very fun thing to do. The problem lies, however, in my duties. I have a duty to focus on work/school to get it done. To pass, to accomplish, to succeed, to make my parents proud; so how can I do this all, when I’m getting distracted with so much?

Some people enjoy spending their time watching TV, or stalking on Facebook, or lamenting on Twitter, but I like to think that I do these things for slightly different reasons (which work out to be the same in the end I guess), but am I just justifying it to myself? Must I cut it all out to focus on one or two areas? Do I feel like I have a obligation to complete what I’ve started for my ‘fans’ or ‘friends’?

What do you think? Would I loose some people in my life if I stopped? Would anybody even notice? Would I be able to sleep at night?

How do you deal with this?

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