Sharing Energy

Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power. ~Shirley MacLaine

Whether you want to believe it or not, every single day we are bombarded with energy. If from no other source than the sun that touches us. But it’s everywhere, it’s in the air, it’s from the plants, it’s from the people we walk by on the streets… and what we should be most aware of, is it comes from us! We are energy! Truly we are energy!

We are the epicenter of an energy source that floats around us. Think of it as though we are a beacon of light in the darkness. The energy is most bright at our core, and as it emenates outward it really does exist, but just less frequent.


Kind of like quantum theory – if you’re familiar with. Technically our energy exist everywhere, just the likelihood of it existing 5ft away is slightly less than the likelihood of it existing right next to us. But, it’s always there..


The strength of this energy is something that needs to be cultivated. To draw on something that we might be able to associate more freely with, have you ever noticed that if you step inside a house of worship, like a church or a temple, you immediately feel a sense of awe and respect? Or, have you ever felt that in your house, there are certain rooms that scare you and you don’t want to go into them or spend much time in them?

This is because the energy has been cultivated in one, and not in the other. I’ve read countless testimonies about people growing up, finding their place of solace in their bedroom and meditating and doing yoga in there, but then as soon as they walk out their bedroom door, all the positive vibes and energy drops off like a stone. If you stand in your kitchen I’m willing to bet that even if you’re not hungry, your mind will lead you to the fridge or the pantry to look for something.. This is because that’s where the energy has been cultivated to exist, and draw you to!


What I’m trying to illuminate, is that energy needs to be cultivated. It’s not something you can turn on like a light switch. It needs to be grown like a garden of herbs and vegetables. Every day, one must add just a little bit of water and sunshine, and after a few weeks, you’ll probably see some green sprouts coming out. Then after another few weeks, it will be beyond any doubt that there is a row of what you planted there! Pretty soon, that garden is even giving back to you, and you’re able to eat some lettuce! And, if you keep tending and minding it, you might get some spinach out of it! And with even more tending, you might get some peas! Raspberries! Before you know it there will be so much fresh vegetables you will be giving them away to friends and family and sharing it with the world!


Now, imagine this with internal energy.

Do you have some ideas of how you want to cultivate positive energy within and around you?

From what I’ve learned, it’s a conscious thing. It’s a deliberate focus on the world, on what you’re doing, on anything and everything that is happening around you. It’s opening up that third eye! Try it on anything, not just dealing with our fellow humans.

Have you ever read the studies that take two plants, giving them the exact same light and watering schedule. One of the plants is talked to, encouraged, given love in any way possible, and the other plant is ignored. Guess which plant grows biggest and strongest? (believe in the energy!)

This is why, I believe, some people don’t like to eat meat or squish bugs. Because if you send this hateful negative energy into the world, it’s a bad vibe man.

So, what do I suggest you do? When you peel the carrots, you should do it deliberately and consciously. If you’re making your bed, you should make sure it’s perfect. If you’re brushing your teeth, be aware of any spots you’re missing. If you’re filling a cup of water, fill it to the exact height you want and no more or less! You get the point?

This same awareness can be transferred then to humans, and the interactions and exchanges of energy you have with them. When you shake somebodies hand, put your other hand on there and really embrace that moment with a solid look in their eye. If you’re hugging, wrap both hands around and hold an extra moment longer and really give that person a hug. If you’re laughing, laugh! If you’re walking on your way to the store, monitor the cracks in the road, and acknowledge the people you walk by with a smile, hello, or nod.

This is our world, we are sharing it. Let’s make it full of positive energy.

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