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Personal motivation is essential to success. It is probably the hardest thing to hold in your hands, and also where most people struggle. There are so many handles to use as personal motivation that all it takes is thought to recognize them.

Flex your muscles in the mirror, look at your personal mission statement, think about the benefits of exercise. These are factors that can give me motivation, try and think of what yours are.

Understanding what your seeking motivation for probably one of the first steps that you need to take. Deduce from inside yourself what exactly it is that you must do, what are your tasks?

Personally I find that lists are the best solution possible. They allow me to brainstorm ideas and tasks that I have to get accomplished, and then when this is done, they allow me to track my progress. I usually use a personal mission statement to record this progress.  This alone is an extremely valuable tool for being en effective person. What are you hoping to accomplish? A better job? A new house? More income? Happy children? These are elements to get motivated for. These are the things that, if your procrastinating, are getting delayed.

Sitting there getting overwhelmed with the seemingly daunting tasks ahead of you isn’t just something that you alone experience, everybody does.

What separates the effective people from others, is that they understand that one can break these seemingly daunting tasks into smaller, more handle-able tasks that can be crossed off your list at a relatively frequent rate, which in itself motivates a person.

I find the easiest way to get motivated is if I’m enjoying what I’m doing. Some of you may roll your eyes, and say well this guys fortunate, he gets to do what he likes, but I will counter this by saying that ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ is all a mental thought process.

If you take some time to tell yourself that you are enjoying this, or more productively what can I do to make this more enjoyable, you will find that any task, no matter how remedial or daunting it may appear, will quickly turn into a deep rooted fascination that not even the gods of time could divert you from!

I hope you will now start your list. Do not delay!


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