There is no doubt that keeping an active lifestyle helps keep you healthy and young. I’ve gone over a few great studies here on how it has been proven that sitting still can actually harm your body even if you are going to the gym for an hour a day, eating all the right protein shakes and lifting the heaviest weights.

Also, some people feel that anti aging skin products or treatments, face lifts, or laser treatment is the answer. I hope none of you educated readers out there believe that these external ‘supplements’ are the answer to the holy grail…. because they’re not.


Aging happens from the heart and bones outwards. If your external core (thats your skin) starts showing signs, you know that your innards are also showing the signs of decay. If you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

The other benefit to following anti-aging tactics is that you also fight different conditions like cancer and diabetes (to name a few) .

My friend over at Bodies4Life Training, Beki, has put together a warning list of exercising dos and don’ts to look out for in your exercising, which is a great read if you get a chance, but I’ll summarize it quickly here.


A quick list of things not to do, for their known contribution to aging:

  • over training
  • under training
  • insufficient recovery time
  • imbalanced workouts
  • too much too soon
  • fad diets
  • drugs
  • under or over sleep



A quick list of great ideas to help keep those wrinkles away:

The key is to start getting yourself into good habits so that you can start young, and continue into your old age, which with a good effort, will be wrinkle free!

Do any of you have other ideas on how to stay healthy longer and stop the aging cycle, save from turning ourselves into robots?!

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