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healthHealth is the single most important factor that keeps humans, and all animals, alive. Strong, healthy, long lives are what most humans strive for, if it’s not, hopefully these pages will help you make it a goal!

Health comes in many forms and ideals. Millions, if not billions of government dollars are spent a year creating and sustaining health systems that keep citizens living long and comfortably. Some people might relate health with health care facilities like the hospital, nurses and clinics for all intents and purposes, but it really comes down to a personal effort which sustains you in the long run. Going on drugs to help combat depression, stress and anxiety are not your answer. These drugs are just a temporary relief of a much much bigger problem that the sufferer needs to combat with all of their might to give themselves a sustainable, healthy life.

200534351-001Pills are not the answer. Development of health comes from exercising, eating healthy, and always being conscious of what is around you and how it is affecting your whole body. Most health experts will tell you that if you listen to your own body it will tell you when it’s in bad health, alerting you that it is now the time to change for the better to give your body a sustainable level of healthy benefits!

how-does-stress-affect-health01Things like the ecosystem and environment, positivity of your thoughts, and eating properly grown and prepared food all counts towards the goal of seeking health. In these pages we will give you tips and tricks, and open your mind to new ways of achieving a healthy lifestyle some of you may have already known, or provide development to your current health conditions.


Some foods that we’ll focus on are blends, clif energy bars, and vitamin B5, and many recipes can be found in that section of the website, like the Chicken Balsetta.
Also, what does it mean to eat right, and what are proper eating habits that help ensure that a body is fed the right nutrients, and tricks to ensure it’s sustained!
We will discuss our opinion on dairy products, and stress the importance of water for the body, and explain the hazards of pesticides humans face in their every day eating.
Of course, like any healthy lifestyle, all of this needs to be absorbed into what we feel is all in a day, to sustain a healthy life, and live as long as possible!


There is no doubt that keeping an active lifestyle helps keep you healthy and young. I’ve gone over a few great studies here on how it has been proven that sitting still can actually harm your body even if you are going to the gym for an hour a day, eating all the right protein shakes and lifting the heaviest weights.

Also, some people feel that anti aging skin products or treatments, face lifts, or laser treatment is the answer. I hope none of you educated readers out there believe that these external ‘supplements’ are the answer to the holy grail…. because they’re not.


Aging happens from the heart and bones outwards. If your external core (thats your skin) starts showing signs, you know that your innards are also showing the signs of decay. If you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

The other benefit to following anti-aging tactics is that you also fight different conditions like cancer and diabetes (to name a few) .

My friend over at Bodies4Life Training, Beki, has put together a warning list of exercising dos and don’ts to look out for in your exercising, which is a great read if you get a chance, but I’ll summarize it quickly here.


A quick list of things not to do, for their known contribution to aging:

  • over training
  • under training
  • insufficient recovery time
  • imbalanced workouts
  • too much too soon
  • fad diets
  • drugs
  • under or over sleep



A quick list of great ideas to help keep those wrinkles away:

The key is to start getting yourself into good habits so that you can start young, and continue into your old age, which with a good effort, will be wrinkle free!

Do any of you have other ideas on how to stay healthy longer and stop the aging cycle, save from turning ourselves into robots?!