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Presenting With Your Best Foot

As much as we want to throw in the face of any nay-sayers that it’s not what’s on the cover, it’s what’s inside, there is no denying the simple fact that this just doesn’t have 100% validity.

Well, it does and it doesn’t.

You see, Impressions are.. a lot, but not everything.

[first] Impressions catch eyes, invite conversation, spread the word, approve, and in some ways validate. On the other hand, impressions can also discredit, dissuade, disapprove, or scare.

The thing that befuddles me the most, is when the opportunity to present that best foot presents itself, and the presenter is either not prepared or choosing to live by a different set of social dynamics.

It really is a choice, a game, for you to play your own unique way.

My advice is to be wary of how you want to play it.

Commitment and Intention

Committing is perhaps one of the scariest things we face as humans.

Do I want to commit to this vehicle for the next 6 years? Do I want to commit to this smart phone plan for 2 years?

Further, the I cannot’s. I cannot commit to my exercise schedule. I cannot commit to you’re needs full time. I cannot commit to this project. I cannot make plans that far in advance.

By no means am I saying that evaluating the tough decision ahead is a bad thing. In fact, I think an evaluation is very necessary almost always on a regular basis to keep yourself and your actions aligned with your intentions.

This is our life, these are our days, the present is now. There isn’t a moment in our life when we shouldn’t be moving with intention, with care, with awareness. The only thing we’re guaranteed is that right now this is happening. Let’s not squander this.

Getting into the shower in the morning, do it gracefully and magically. Making coffee, every scoop of coffee should be exactly measured to eye and placed into the press with a touch of flair. Shoveling the driveway, don’t just push the snow aside; design a fantasy world.

How present we are in our world is what makes us humans uniquely so. How conscious we are of every fine detail in life.

The choice is up to you, how do you want to draw your desires? Commit with intent.