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Record, Reflect, Learn

Lessons cannot be escaped. They just can’t. They come at us every second of the day and fill us with temporary knowledge that enriches our lives abundantly.

However, without recording these lessons and reflecting back upon them how do we expect to remember the lessons and grow from them? Sure some major life turning lessons will sit in our conscience for a long time, but does just having them sit on our conscience allow us to work through them in a reasonable manner?

When I do a complicated mathematics problem and grab five hands of five fingers each and count them all up one by one to get twenty-five, I have just learned that 5×5=25. But, if I never look at this again I will forget my five sets of hands and must recount all the fingers next time I need 5×5.

However, because I’m actively learning, I’ve written down in my little notebook that 5×5=25 so I can frequently reference it and reflect upon it and understand it and memorize it and act with that sunk deep into my conscience.

How do you keep track of your lessons learned?




Success is what most people search for. It can be in the form of successful business, successful relationships, successful journey, or a successful exercise routine, they are all rather related by constantly battling fear, and creating for yourself a set of ethics that align with your own knowledge you’ve gained at how to be a successful person.

In this section we will review lessons learned from many people in many industries and hopefully their lessons can be applied to your situation. This in itself, being able to apply others lessons to your own lesson, is a skill to learn to be successful!

Also, everybody has their own secrets to being successful, fortunately for those seeking to learn can take advantage of their interest in sharing them!

To compliment this section, we also have many topics arranged around ones attitude that can be adopted to feel great about oneself, as well as make everybody around you benefit from your attitude with things like effort and attention, balancing your life with your career, being able to motivate yourself and others, and how to be positive.