Two Maps (Or Multiples Thereof)

There are two situations that can hold us up in life, that I’d like to talk about.

The first is hearing from people about how we should be doing this or that, which we evaluate this or that, and then decide from that evaluation how to proceed, continuing on a path driving forward and breaking into new territory.

The other is coming up against a wall and saying: “Oh, I can’t climb that wall. I’m afraid there’s evil beasts on the other side, or that there might be danger at the top, or that I might fall, or that I’m not even allowed.”

One of these situations is hindered by fear. The other one, though fear may be acknowledge, it is forged by knowledge and introspection.

We live life without a map. Many people will tell us there’s a map, and show us a map, and become satisfied when we follow their map, but if we look back in 50 year intervals over the past 300 years, we’ll see that map ever changing. These map makers, one can deduce, are just making it up for their benefit it would seem..

Pick a map that intrigues you.

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