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Earth, Fast Food, Pills, then Earth: A Return

It’s a circle.

We started with eating fruits and vegetables, and maybe some meat if we sharpened our spears effectively (and trained our eyes). Then fast food came out, and waiters delivered them on roller skates, in boxes or bags, with plastic spoons… And the substance of those products came from far away lands in mass quantities, all mish-mashed all together. Then the effectiveness of the salts applied to the mish-mash became tastier, and we became more and more entranced with the microwavable, instant gratification (of stuffedness).

Of course, as this was developing, as we were moving away from our natural sources of essential vitamins and minerals from raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts, great developments in ‘one-a-day’ pills for him and her came out. So now we could eat all the cardboard we wanted to, and take a magic pill once a day and it would give us all the nutrients we were lacking. I guess the sailors wouldn’t have to worry about scurvy anymore…

Or kind of.

My word of the decade seems to be awareness. Being aware of why we’re doing the things we’re doing, being aware of how one action has a rippling effect, can go a long way to help reduce the clutter in the world (and our minds).

It’s a thought. I guess I’m trying to encourage a full circle return to roots (for some things).

Nobody’s going to grow their own tablets or smartphones, but some seeds in the ground is another thing.


Water is the most important thing for a human body, and any animal for that matter, hands down. Without water our body can only survive for about 5-7 days, depending on the individual. With studies showing that approximately 70% of your muscle, 85% of your brain, and 80% of your blood is water, it is very evident of how much our body requires good clean water.

There is truth to what your mother has been telling you for years; drink lots of fluids when you have a cold, for it helps in flushing all the bad toxins in your body away, replacing it with healthy, clean body fluids.

Water is also a body temperature regulator, which is evident when your body sweats. The sweat is released to your skin to help cool it down.


Water also helps in the bodies metabolism. Without the juices needed in your system, things start to dry up and seize up, which clearly is no good.

I know a lot of people say that water is boring, but it is mother nature’s biggest and greatest blessing to her animals. Personally, a cold glass of water is one of the best things in the world, but adding a bit of green tea to a boiled cup, or some lemons to a cold cup give you the necessary water as well as provide a little bit of variety to the water which can make it more interesting. On top of this, green tea is supposedly a stimulant for the brain, and lemons pack a tonne of nutrients for the body to enjoy.

It is necessary to point out that, while drinking your orange juices or grape juices is a great way to get your fluids, it’s also not the most effective and healthiest choice to pick. These juices or drinks come jam packed with sugars and other random chemicals that actually harm your body rather than help it. So, if you’re really concerned about helping your body sustain for the long haul, get used to drinking water.

Personal trials have proven to me that drinking water stimulates my mind and body, somewhat similar to coffee, plus I’m not feeding my body caffeine and there is no ‘come down’ after drinking a few glasses of cold water like there is with sugar products.


On top of all of this, drinking water can work as a natural appetite suppressant. So next time you’re hungry, to get a nice glass of water and drink it down. I find it best to keep on me, at all times, a big bottle of water to drink from. It makes it so much more convenient to get the required water necessary to keep me living strong and healthy.

I cannot stress more that you simply must DRINK WATER!