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Take Your Time

With the advent of all our technology over the last 50 years or so, we still haven’t been able to invent a device that can stop time. I’m fairly certain this wont change any time soon either (see what I did there?).

So, each moment does count. Whether it’s spent lifting weights, stretching, baking a cake, or typing away at your latest proposal, time is constant and cannot be won back.

Enjoy it.

I encourage you to enjoy every single moment of time that flicks on by no matter what today brings. Taking out the trash? Be aware of the silhouette the trees play against the sky. Typing up a long report? Make sure the soundtrack to your life is set on repeat. Studying for finals? Feel those neurons building mass through knowledge.

See what’s happening here? Awareness.

Engage Me

When I’m engaging with you, I’m not looking for passive thoughts, distracted eye contact, mumbling, disengagement – or engagement with  your cell phone.. no, what I’m looking for is engaging with you enthusiastically, even for just an instant.

If somebody makes the effort to engage you, if somebody reaches out to you to shine some light into your day, give them a moment. Share with them your thoughts and best wishes, give them your undivided attention for just a few moments, and do it with passion. Each new moment is a moment for us to condition ourselves. If we develop the passive and listless habit with a few, take notice how the few soon becomes the many.

Contrary to popular opinion, if I give somebody my time, energetically and enthusiastically, both of us – I’m certain – will leave that interaction energized and more excited to live today with jazz!

Keep in mind there are time leechers out there, interested in nothing more than having the personal satisfaction of occupying your space and mind for as long as they can. This is hazardous, this person engages you but does it in a distracted, lethargic manner, and yes, it’s a topic for another time.