Punctuality and Appointments

The concept is simple. If you commit to something, follow through with it.

In my opinion, the following excuses do not look good on a person no matter which way it’s delivered, and over time it will wear a persons patience with you thin:

  • I forgot
  • I got busy
  • no response or admission

As a side caveat, there is some redemption in begging for forgiveness. But keep in mind, this also defines personality.

I remember reading The Count of Monte Cristo many years ago, and it described in detail how the Count was meticulous for arriving at the exact appointed time of an appointment. He would go so far as to wait a few blocks away in the event he had arrived a few minutes early.

The compliment, “You’re very punctual young lady,” is empowering and a sign of respect. On the contrary, having to apologize for being late or not showing up at all does nothing for confidence and character.

Some tips I can offer:

  • if you continually forget appointments keep a calendar
  • if you continually double book yourself keep a calendar
  • if you’re unsure if you have an appointment at the desired time, inform the appointee that you’re unsure and you’ll get back to them

You define yourself in the end, these are just my observations. Calendars are indispensable.

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