Breaking the Norm[al] Process

Sure, breaking the normal can mean taking your coffee with a shot of peanut butter, or wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants, but perhaps it doesn’t have to be this drastic.

What if it’s just a tiny shift in thought?

Perhaps dynamically distributed computing power can teach us something here.

Can you imagine in grade school instead of fearing being the last one to finish, you feared not being able to uniquely contribute as much as you could to the group as a whole? If we were each encouraged to identify and bring forth our unique talents?

I bet this would easily eliminate almost all the High School graduates who say they still don’t know what they’re good at, or what they want to do.

I had a dream last night as I was walking in the night air.

It was a competition, but redefined. All the competitors were arranged into groups. They each had a challenge. The first group that finished then dispersed around the room and integrated into the other groups still working on their projects. This process repeated until everybody was done.

Can you imagine that?

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