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Exercise Ball

exerciseBall-1 Exercise_Ball

The exercise ball, swiss ball, or yoga ball (whatever you like to call it) is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment a person can have.

It’s the only thing I use now to do situps, planks, inverted pushups, and various other exercises that include either one or both hands or legs on the ball at a time while doing other activities. Especially since it’s so great for the short spurts I’m into.

The biggest restraint in using it is the exercisers own creativity, for even sitting on it while curling dumbells makes it effective in working the core muscles.

A few of some really great exercises are shown below, but remember that form is always important when doing any exercise.

swiss-Ball-Squats swiss-ball-Situp swiss-ball-Plank swiss_ball_push_up 602-00935402 abs_exercisesNOTE: a good thing to use in conjunction with the swiss ball is the resistance bands. Very easy and very effective workout without having to lift any weights!

The Core


The core is an area of the body that spans from just below the pectorals to just above the knees; the center part of the body in essence. It is called the core because of its essential function to nearly all the muscle group of the body. The only muscle that I would consider more important is the brain, which we all know about by now! The core is such an essential part of the body because it’s where all major strength originates from: lifting, walking, getting up, sitting down, running, weight lifting, sex, shoveling snow, etc. Basically, no matter what you’re doing, you’re using the muscles in the core. Even sitting on the couch, watching tv, eventually you will have to get up from the couch, which requires the core muscles.

woman's belly, isolated

Some might argue that due to the fact that you’re always exercising the muscle group one doesn’t have to focus on it in their exercises. I believe the contrary; because it is so important, it should be focused on double fold to ensure it is properly exercised, and exercised to the max. This means it should specifically be focused on in every exercise routine. What I like to do is between every set I do at the gym, I pull of 20-30 situps. So, if I’m doing about 3-4 different sets at the gym, I’m putting in close to 90 situps too. Not only this way, but in between each set of reps, I throw in various quick activities like knee ups where my hands are on the ground and legs are extended out on top of a exercise ball, bringing the knees up to your chest and back out, or inverted pushups where your against a wall upside down.

Exercise_BallSome other common ways to focus on this region are as I mentioned sit-ups, which include all varieties, running, pilates rubber band pulls, yoga, lunges, and any sports related fun activity. Yes, even bowling will work the core.


The point is, work the core. You use it everywhere, and it’s the center of your body that you originate all of your energy from. It may not give you the big arms you’re hoping for, but it’ll give you a great ass, and abs that kill if focused on properly, which is just as important. With this, you will also find that you have increased stamina that comes in handy ALWAYS!



There is no doubt that keeping an active lifestyle helps keep you healthy and young. I’ve gone over a few great studies here on how it has been proven that sitting still can actually harm your body even if you are going to the gym for an hour a day, eating all the right protein shakes and lifting the heaviest weights.

Also, some people feel that anti aging skin products or treatments, face lifts, or laser treatment is the answer. I hope none of you educated readers out there believe that these external ‘supplements’ are the answer to the holy grail…. because they’re not.


Aging happens from the heart and bones outwards. If your external core (thats your skin) starts showing signs, you know that your innards are also showing the signs of decay. If you cannot see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

The other benefit to following anti-aging tactics is that you also fight different conditions like cancer and diabetes (to name a few) .

My friend over at Bodies4Life Training, Beki, has put together a warning list of exercising dos and don’ts to look out for in your exercising, which is a great read if you get a chance, but I’ll summarize it quickly here.


A quick list of things not to do, for their known contribution to aging:

  • over training
  • under training
  • insufficient recovery time
  • imbalanced workouts
  • too much too soon
  • fad diets
  • drugs
  • under or over sleep



A quick list of great ideas to help keep those wrinkles away:

The key is to start getting yourself into good habits so that you can start young, and continue into your old age, which with a good effort, will be wrinkle free!

Do any of you have other ideas on how to stay healthy longer and stop the aging cycle, save from turning ourselves into robots?!


Exercise is the most healthiest thing a person can do for their body, mind, and soul; something that Exercise and Mind is totally committed to.

Getting a proper work out of your whole body through regular exercise activities like yoga, stretching, weight lifting, exercise machines, dumbbell or resistance training, running, walking, and numerous other activities has been and will continue to be proven by scientific health journals around the globe, and personal experiences by millions of active exercisers, to be the number one reason of good health and positive attitudes.

Physical activity helps keep your body, mind, and soul healthy by stimulating chemicals in your brain that help relax your body that enables you to feel healthy and also give you positivity when you look in the mirror and see the benefits of what you’ve been working so hard at accomplishing.

Exercise has also been proven to help fight, prevent, or manage high blood pressure, belly fat, weight, skin health, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers to mention a few of the benefits!

Don’t put faith in diet pills, weight loss food programs, quick loss secrets. Motivate yourself to get the exercise your body deserves and you will not regret a single second of it.

Keeping active in your life undoubtedly is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. Your confidence will grow, your sex life will improve, you will get noticed, and personally you will feel like you can conquer the world.

In this section you will find some strategies that we at Exercise and Mind find extremely advantageous to our personal well being that we would like to share with you.